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Who We Are

The Backroads Company is situated in the core of the Ozark Mountains. We offer products and solutions for the self-sufficient, local governments, and manage a diverse range of educational and entertainment media platforms.

We are a faith-driven local enterprise focused on community engagement. Boasting a range of brands, products, and services, the Backroads Company is committed to helping you realize your aspirations and introducing the wonders of the outdoors to those eager to discover them.

Popular Services

The Backroads Company delivers outdoor-centric content, products, and services with a business-oriented approach.

Website Design & Hosting

We administer a variety of websites constructed on leading platforms including WordPress, Joomla, and XenForo. Beyond our expertise in gamification, data visualization, and forum facilitation, we also host both online and on-site retail shopping platforms. Additionally, we’re dedicated to the cultivation and hosting of dynamic online communities.

Trail Mapping

We offer trail mapping and promotional services tailored for private enterprises and local governments. Our dedicated teams seamlessly integrate 360-degree mapping files, photographs, videos, and marketing to highlight your trails to the public. Moreover, we efficiently upload to renowned platforms like Google Streetview, ensuring your trail signs and data are flawlessly incorporated.  

Tours & Expeditions 

The Backroads Company is renowned for its multi-day 4X4 and Adventure Motorcycle expeditions which has moved from Wisconsin to the Ozark Mountains. Additionally, we organize trail adventures encompassing ebikes, hiking, and kayaking experiences.

Hands-On Training

At our Homestead, we offer practical courses focusing on gardening, livestock care, beekeeping, meat and produce preparation, freeze-drying, business administration, 4X4 recovery techniques, off-road motorcycle instruction, and specialized ATV and UTV training sessions.


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